Facebook Interest Lists – What are Interest Lists and How Do I Use Them?

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The best way to think of Facebook Interest Lists is a way of creating your own news feed. When you sign into Facebook your current News Feed is a compilation of your friends posts and updates from pages you’ve liked that Facebook deems important enough to show up using an algorithm called EdgeRank. However, sometimes we subscribe to others and follow pages because we want to keep up with all of the information. These groups are groups of interest. So, Facebook has created a way for us to create our own news feed by adding these particular individuals and pages into an interest list.

A few ideas of types of lists that you can create:

- Family
- Industry Experts
- Celebrities
- News/Journalists
- Sports Teams or pros

Once you’ve created these lists you can then click on the list to see all the news and updates for those added in one niche news feed.

Where do I find my interest lists? You can find your interest lists in the left column of your home page in Facebook. See them circled in red below…

Here’s how you create a list:

Step 1: Click “Add Interests” Under Interests in the Left Column of your home page on Facebook.


Step 2: Click Create List. Note that when you come to this page you will also have suggested interest lists that you can follow just by clicking subscribe. It’s always a good idea to see if there is another list that similar to what you are about to create that you can just subscribe to rather than recreating it.

Step 3. Once you’ve clicked “Create List” you will get a pop up window that has all the different subscriptions, pages, friends that you can choose from or you can type whatever you’d like into the search box. Once you’ve chosen all the folks you’d like to have in the particular interest list click “Next”.


Step 4. Once you’ve selected those that you want to add to the list a new window will show up asking you to name your new list. You will also notice it asks if you want the list to be seen publicly, friends only or only yourself. If you choose public this means that anyone on Facebook can subscribe to the list, if you choose Friends this means only your friends will be able to subscribe to the interest list you’ve created. And, if you choose just yourself it will be a private list just for yourself.  You will also notice that to the right you can see all the different subscriptions, pages and people you’ve added to the list. This is a quick check to make sure everything is good. If everything is all set, hit Done.

Step 5. Once you’ve hit done your interest list is finished. YOu will be brought immediately to the news feed of this particular list. See below…

Are you using interest lists yet? Do you find them helpful? Share your ideas with us on how to best use Facebook Interest Lists for marketing purposes.


Joan Woodbrey Crocker
Interested in Lists



How to Like a Facebook Fan Page…as a Fan Page [Updated] for the Facebook Timeline design

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One of our most popular blog posts at the Maine SEO blog is “How to Like a Facebook Fan Page…As a Fan Page.”  But now the set up of Facebook has changed a bit with the new Facebook Timeline for Pages design and so we need to update the instructions a bit. So below is an updated version of Nicki’s fantastic blog with some more recent screenshots! Hope this helps!

“That may sound a little confusing, but you can actually like a Facebook fan page as a fan page you administer. Instead of “liking”, Facebook calls this “adding to your page’s favorites”.

Why would you want to do this? You might want to call attention to a client or a favorite business of yours, or simply provide another resource/fan page you think your fans would be interested in.

Start by logging into the account you administer.

Then, go to the fan page you’d like to favorite. Click on the Drop Down button near the “Message” button.









Then click “Add to My Page’s Favorites”.












Click this option and you’ll see a pop-up window, where you can choose from the pages you admin:







And that’s all there is to it!


Once you’ve liked a page from your page it gives you the opportunity to talk about them on your page and link to them at the same time so you show up on their page wall as well. This is a great way of getting in front of fans of their page while promoting their business to yours as well. Note: Keep things non salesy. No one wants a bunch of spam on their Facebook wall and it’s the fastest way to get your update deleted from their page.

Joan Woodbrey Crocker
Maine Seo Blog

Facebook Offers Competitive Research Tool with New “Likes” Tab

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There are so many features of the new Timeline Facebook design that I like. But, one really cool one is the new insights that can be seen on the “Likes” Tab. Facebook has moved all of the custom pages and apps into one place and now you have up to 12 app icons to show below your cover. Photos is fixed and always has the top spot, but the rest you can move around at will. The “Likes” tab is provided by Facebook and also has a pretty cool function other than just telling you how many likes are on that particular page.

If you click on the “likes” tab, shown in the image above, you will notice that some interesting insights also pop up. (shown Below)

Here you can see how many folks are talking about your page, the total likes, and most importantly some page insights. However, you don’t just get this information when you click on the “Likes” tab on your page, you get it when you click on the Likes tab for every page. This is a great tool to dig in and do a little market research to see how your competitors are doing. Here are a couple things you can tell below:

1. What was the most popular week for the page? Look back at that week and see what your competitor was doing on their page that made it so popular. Was it a particular post? Was it a holiday? Were they offering a deal of some sort? What made that week so popular?

2. Where are their fans coming from? If it seems that most of their fans are local, than they are probably doing a great job spreading the word locally about their business and services. If they seem to be from a target city, maybe they are targeting that area with ads. If they are from India, and it’s a local business, then perhaps they purchased some of their likes – eek!

3. You can check out the demographic. Do they have the same target audience you’ve been targeting? If not, should you be targeting a different demographic?

4. Check ins – you can see when the business was most visited. Again, check to see what was going on then. Were they having a sale or an event of sorts? What made that week popular?

5. Now, this is where it gets really interesting. The People Talking About This/New Likes per Week Graph. This is a great way to get some insight into what types of posts they are creating that get shared/liked the most. Is there a spike on a particular day? What did they post about, or how did they word their post? Is this something you can duplicate and try out for yourself?

The “Likes” Tab may seem small and insignificant. But, with the recent changes it seems it could pack a lot of heat. Before we could go to our competitions page and scroll down the page and look for ourselves what posts were performing well. Now, we can still do that, but we have a little extra help in the market research department from a simple little button.

Have you tried this out yet? What do you think?

Joan Woodbrey Crocker
Likes Likes


Can You Still Do Like Gates on Facebook Timeline Pages?

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Since the announcement of Facebook Timeline for Business pages I’ve heard the same question asked over and over again. What happens to our Facebook Landing pages/custom tabs? And, If you didn’t get a chance to read that post take a minute and go read it. But since then we’ve done a little thinking.

While you can’t set up a default landing page for those who’ve not liked your page yet, you can still create landing tabs that are “like gated” or “like baited”. You are just going to need to give your audience some incentive to click on that tab!

You pages have not gone anywhere, they are still there. And, now you actually have more space/width for your designed pages. (810 pixels) So, you can get even more creative. And, the tabs, which used to be small word links to the right column of your Facebook page, are now larger image links right below the Cover image. This also allows you to get a little more creative and enticing with your images and what you call the page.

For instance, you can create a page that offers coupons, call that tab “Coupons” or “Specials” or “Discounts” of “Deals”, people are always interested in getting a deal so this will entice them to click on your page.

Once on the landing page you can have it set up just as you did before, only with a slight bigger page design, and ask for the like. You will notice that there is still a like button above if the person hasn’t liked it already. Facebook was having an issue last week where the page wasn’t automatically refreshing after the Like button was clicked, but they have now fixed the problem. So, after someone clicks like, you can still have a reveal tab or welcome tab that has the printable coupons you are offering.

There are several other ways to drive traffic to your pages to get the likes other than making the tab itself enticing. It may not be as easy as the default, but using Facebook Ads is another great way to direct people to land on that page if they haven’t already liked the page.

So, you may have to get a little more creative. But, you can still drive people to your custom tabs, offer deals for people to like you and technically like gate your pages to reveal coupons etc.

Share your thoughts on new ways of gaining fans for the new Facebook Timeline with us here!

Joan Woodbrey Crocker
Get Creative!

Photo Credit: by JoshSemans

Facebook Offers Coming Soon! Facebook Marketing

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Facebook Offers is just one of the many new marketing products that Facebook has recently announced along with the new Facebook Timeline for business pages.

Currently Facebook offers are only available to  managed advertising clients of Facebook, meaning those businesses that have an advertising account and Facebook Rep. However, they have said they are looking to expand the number of pages eligible to post offers and expect to make offers available more broadly soon, which is great news!

So, what is a Facebook offer exactly?

A Facebook offer is a FREE marketing opportunity on Facebook. It’s a way for businesses and brands to offer discounts to their customers via posting an offer to their Facebook page. Offers work just like coupons. When someone clicks on the offer to claim it they will receive a direct email with the printable coupon that they can then take to a physical location to redeem. I’m not sure if you can use any of the offers online for discounts from websites yet, that’s something that we’ll need to explore once they become available. Below is an example of a Facebook Offer from the Facebook help page…

Another great thing about the new Facebook Offer is that they are very easy to create. See the steps below:

1. Go to your page
2. Go to the sharing tool at the top of your Timeline Page and click “offer”
3. Enter your headline – Facebook recommends that you do a strong offer, those with 20% or more off or Free have a better success rate. In the ad above the headline is “Get One Free Cupcake with Any Cupcake Purchase”
4. Set an Expiry date. Facebook gives you a calendar during set up so you can pick your date.
5. Upload an interesting image for your offer. This should be a good image of the product offered.
6. Hit Next
7. Now you need to set the terms and conditions of your offer. Remember, that simple easily understood offers are more likely to be used.
8. Click Post

It’s as simple as that. Now what happens to your offer once it’s created or what are the next steps that you should take?

  • First, promote your offer. You can do this by creating a sponsored story ad on Facebook. Also, you can pin it to the top of your timeline so that new visitors notice it. Share it with friends. Promote it the same way you would do with any other piece of content that’s important on Facebook.
  • Your offer will likely start showing up in your fans news feeds. This is most likely where they will click on the offer to redeem it. EdgeRank still applies here. If your friends are claiming this and there is a lot of interaction with the deal the more likely it is to show up in your/and friends’s news feeds. Also, people are more inclined to share deals with their friends than regular content.
  • Next, track it to see how well it’s performing. You can do this by hovering over the offer, it will show you how many people have claimed it
  • Set up a special offer code so you can track how many were actually redeemed. Or, you can tally them at the register.

As you can see the potential of this free Facebook Marketing tool is huge! Here’s hoping that they release it to all Facebook pages soon! For more info check out the Facebook Help page on Offers.

Joan Woodbrey Crocker
Can’t Wait for Facebook Offers


How to Link Multiple Google AdWords Accounts to a Single Google Analytics Account

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A few weeks ago, a client needed a second Google AdWords account linked to an existing Analytics account already linked to an AdWords account. As luck would have it, Google just recently made it possible to do this!

1. Start by logging into each AdWords account separately and going to My account > Preferences. From this page, enable auto-tagging in both accounts.



2. Next, make sure both AdWords accounts have admin access to your Analytics. To do this, log in to Google Analytics and go to your Dashboard. In the new version, you’ll see “Admin” in the top right:

Click Users, then “+ New User”. Make sure the email addresses you use for both AdWords accounts are set as admins here.


3. Then, click the name of the site at the top of the page.

From here, you’ll see several options in the secondary menu. Click “Data Sources” and be sure you’re in “AdWords”.

If you’re logged in under an account that’s already linked to Analytics, you should see it listed.

4. Your last and final step is to log in under the unlinked account and follow step 3. Then, click “Link Accounts” and click “Continue” after seeing this screen:

And you’re done! There is one important thing to keep in mind: you’ll only have statistics for the additional account from the day you go through these steps.

Nicki Hicks
Two AdWords accounts are better than one

Facebook Timeline Cover Image Rules | Timeline for Business Pages

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The new timeline for Facebook business pages is here… And, it’s looking pretty snazzy!

For a while marketers have been creating Facebook landing pages, asking for the like, promoting their product, handing out coupons for likes etc. With the new design, Timeline for Facebook business pages, no longer can you have people land on a default landing page (you can still however have landing pages, check out the blog post on custom Facebook tabs). However, you do have a lot more space for an intriguing image that represents your business.

With this new design it’s important to follow the Facebook Cover guidelines when it comes to your cover image. Here they are:

1. You cannot have calls to action
2. You cannot include contact info
3. You can not have price or purchase info
4. You cannot have any reference to Facebook features such as “Like us” or “Share our page”

Essentially the guidelines for your cover image protect Facebook from anyone thinking that your page is an ad created by Facebook. Also, it helps to keep social social. Meaning, they don’t want pages to create banner ads for their Facebook business page profile.

Things you can do.

1. Get creative!
2. Be fun.
3. Show your brand or companies personality. (An image says 1,000 words)
4. Just like with Facebook ads, an image can make or break the success of it, so test out what images look best and work best.

Check out Facebook Help for more info on your new cover image for Facebook Timeline for Business Pages.


Joan Woodbrey Crocker
What do you think of the Flyte Cover?

Facebook Announces Timeline for Pages and 4 More Marketing Tools

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So, yesterday Facebook announced that they are rolling out Timeline for Facebook pages. If you haven’t switched your page over already you’ll have until March 30th to do so, before Facebook automatically changes pages over. But, that’s not all they announced. Yesterday was the first ever FMC (Facebook Marketing Conference) which was an invite only event, however they did stream it live so I was able to listen in.

Mike Hoefflinger, the Director of Global Business Marketing at Facebook introduced us to a few new products, some of which Facebook rolled out yesterday and others that won’t be out til April.

Hoefflinger told the story of how we are “going back to the future”, relating new ways of doing business with mom and pop stores of the past. He stated, “People prefer narration. Ads come from anywhere, stories come from people that you are connected to and have a relationship with. We’ve been doing ads because we couldn’t build enough connections to tell stories and have relationships at the scale of business today.” Social is changing that.

He went on to talk about how Facebook is leading that change making is to you can build enough connections and here are some of the products that they are rolling out that will hopefully help to accelerate that change.

1. Timeline for Pages: Mission control for you business – launch pad for your stories

Not only do you get the new cleaner look and bigger cover image new pages offer a greater experience to know what your friends are doing and how they are interacting with a particular brand or page which in turn builds stronger connections for you.

You can now also include how you got started and many other milestones for your company that have happened in the past, creating a greater story for your company.

Now people can message you directly on your page. You can give a personal one on one reply that they deserve.

2. Brand new story type: Offers

These are simple offers that will show up in the news feed and all you have to do to collect on them is click the add. You will then immediately have the offer emailed to your email account that’s attached to your Facebook account.

Check out Mari Smith’s blog post “Facebook Launches ‘Facebook Offers’ for Businesses” for more info.

3. Reach Generator:
This is a new premium advertising solution for large clients seeking to reach a higher percentage of fans via sponsored activity. While this is probably not going to be used my small and mid sized businesses, it is a new product that Facebook is offering.

Currently pages reach 16% of fans/friends every month, what if you could reach 50 – 75%? With Reach Generator you can now double your engagement. This is a package you purchase from Facebook where every day they sponsor a post and guarantee a 75% reach to your fanbase over a month long period. Some numbers that Hoefflinger gave as an example:

Using Reach Generator the following companies accomplished…

-  Ben & Jerry’s reached 98% of all their fans and increased sales at a 3-1 ROI
-  Dr. Pepper had a 140% increase in people talking about this
-  Butterfinger had a 6 point increase in brand favorability

This is definitely a product worth using if you are a larger company with the money to afford it.

4. Premium on Facebook: the most impactful way for you to distribute your content on Facebook (you create, Facebook takes care of placement)

With Premium on Facebook your ads will no longer be the small ad to the right of the page but instead it will be seamlessly integrated throughout the site as if it were a regular update that had a lot of reach. As Hoefflinger says, “Marketing on Facebook will now feel like the rest of Facebook.”

Top placements for these ads? You the advertiser would start with a page post, then it would be placed on the right hand side of Facebook, then it would be put in the newsfeed.

There will also be a 4th placement option with Premium that will allow businesses to display ads on the log-out page of Facebook after users have logged out. This can include video, photos etc.

Not only will your ad now be in the newsfeed and possibly the logout, but it will also be on mobile, something Facebook has not done in the past.

According to Hoefflinger, using Premium on Facebook you should see 5 – 10x improvement in your ads success.
What are your thoughts on the new products Facebook is offering it’s advertisers?


Joan Woodbrey Crocker
Check out Flyte’s New Timeline




What Happens to My Custom Tabs/Landing Pages? Facebook Timeline for Pages

Posted February 29th, 2012 by

What happens to my custom tabs or landing pages I’ve created in Facebook when pages change over to the new Facebook Timeline? This is a question I had and was asked by many others. Here’s the answer. They don’t disappear they just get moved. So, you’ll notice below there is an image of the old Facebook pages. You’ll notice the blue arrow points to the links to the tabs that were created. And, the circle is around the page itself.

With the new Timeline for Facebook pages this will get moved to the right of the page just below the cover image. Here you are allowed to have your custom tabs and applications. You can have up to 12 apps total. Facebook will also allow you to prioritize the order so you can have the most important tabs/links/apps show up first. Take the image of our new timeline page below, I have circled the area where your pages will be moved.

My second question was, “Can you still have a defaulted landing page for those who haven’t liked your Facebook page yet?”

Answer: Unfortunately with the new timeline the ability to default visitors to a particular page is no longer available. However, there is still value in setting up landing pages, as you can still set up custom tabs where people can learn more about you and you can still have folks land on custom pages coming from Facebook ads.

Here are a few suggestions on ways to use your cover image and custom tabs to provide the same service the defaulted pages for those who hadn’t liked you yet provided:

- Incorporate your tagline in your cover image
- Incorporate an arrow in the cover image pointing to the like button
- Pin a welcome video, so that it’s at the top of your page for new visitors (unfortunately you’d have to continue to do this every 7 days)
- Create a welcome page for Facebook targeted ads that ask for the like

Looking for more answers when it comes to the Facebook Timeline Pages? Check out this informative video that Facebook put together.


Joan Woodbrey Crocker
Learning Something New

Facebook Timeline for Business Pages is Here!

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This is so exciting! This morning Facebook rolled out the new timeline for Facebook Business pages! As of March 30th all Facebook Pages will get the new Timeline design, but you have the option of switching over your page now. I would recommend switching over early so that you can get a handle on all the new features and functionality ahead of the game.

When you sign into Facebook today and head over to your page you’ll see the announcement of the pages as well as have the ability to take a tour, see a preview of what your new page will look like and the option to make the switch. Facebook offers you a preview of what your page will look like. Below is a preview of what the new Flyte page will look like… Obviously we need to add our cover image and get to work on this!

The cover photo and profile image work just as they do on your Facebook Timeline profile. You can upload any image you want there. This is a great space to get creative in. It will also allow brands to have a branded/cohesive look and feel to their pages without having to create a separate tab or landing page. Next you’ll want to make sure that you adjust your profile image. There are several examples out there currently of how people have gotten creative with their personal profiles using the cover image and the profile photo together to create something interesting. Check out these examples of some creative Facebook Timeline profiles.

Organize your stories, photos, and applications in order of priority. Below you will see an example for the Coca-Cola page. The blue circle shows where these apps/pages, and photos now appear. You can add up to 12 different apps to your pages and then organize them to show up in the order that you would like.

The rest of the time line is fairly similar to your personal profile Facebook timeline, such as the ability to hover over stories to edit them. You can delete, hide and Star images from here on the split feed. Did you upload a cool product image? Make it wider by starring it. However, one cool new feature is the addition of the new Admin Panel. From the new admin panel you should be able to manage everything in one place. You can respond to comments and people writing on your page and you can check out your  insights. Below is a peek of what that looks like.

And that last new addition looks like you will now be able to message people privately and vice versa. This is really a cool feature as before this was only available for personal profiles. This will allow brands to have one on one conversations with their customers.

Several brands have already made the switch to the new timeline for Facebook pages. Check out Coca-Cola, Red Bull, Nike, and Ford who have already adopted the new timeline and tell us what you think!

Joan Woodbrey Crocker
Timeline Fan

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