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Ask the SEOs #smx

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

Moderator: Danny Sullivan, Editor-in-Chief, Search Engine Land

Bruce Clay, President, Bruce Clay, Inc.
Todd Friesen, President, Oilman SEO
Rae Hoffman, Owner, Sugarrae Internet Consulting
Jill Whalen, CEO and Founder, High Rankings
Mike Greban

Topic: Social Media

  • Bruce Clay: site has spiked on search engines due to traffic from social media links
  • Rae Hoffman: great for letting Google know that people are visiting your site and using it
  • Mike Greban: Social search – people searching social networks; “new signals to search engines”; bookmarks give search engine weight

Topic: Content

  • TF: become the expert in your industry – and show you are with the content you provide
  • JW: are you answering people’s questions?
  • MG: content is NOT just compelling copy: video, images; “Build good content and build it for the end user”
  • RH: content doesn’t need to be perfect or great every time – just good content all the time, and tastes of great (example: cool content for flower shop: the funniest cards they see)

Topic: nofollow

  • MG: why link to sites that you are nofollow’ing? Doesn’t think you should waste time with nofollow
  • JW: thinks Google will eventually stop using nofollow tags, she doesn’t use them
  • RH: thinks it’s a new fad, that it’s better to have good external links, thinks it’s a red flag
  • TF: doesn’t believe in them
  • BC: works for him

Topic: Blogs

  • MG: how does the end user want to receive your information?
  • JW: watch dead blogs and hackers
  • RH: suggests to read about WordPress SEO, Feedburner for WP (“mybrand”); Google knows # of subscribers of RSS feed
  • BC: add relevant blogposts faster than relevant pages; dedicated bloggers; integrate info into site
NOTE: These notes are the major points of the presentations, and do not include every point the presenter made.

Search and the iPhones #smx

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

So begins my long list of hybrid blogposts – notes from the SMX East Conference in New York City.

Moderator: Greg Sterling, Founding Principal, Sterling Market Intelligence

Speaker: Cindy Krum, Director of New Media Strategy, Blue Moon Works, Inc.

  • Searchers make an average of 9 mobile searches per day.
  • iPhones have 5% of the mobile phone market, and 75% of all mobile searches.
  • Mobile is important (mass mobile convergence, most personal marketing medium ever, more interactive marketing possibilities, mobile device on you at all times)
  • Mobile is different (mobile bots, mobile algorithms, smaller screen, simplified rendering, more sophisticated searchers, have immediate intent)
  • .mobi is BAD (splits traffic, links, index size; doesn’t benefit from history, risks duplicate content, confusing for users)
  • Direct .mobi to real site; it’s no longer necessary to have a .mobi address
  • External stylesheets/CSS creates separate design/copy for real site and mobile site
  • Optimizing for phones, options: do nothing, create tiny pages for tiny screens, mobile/traditional hybrid pages

Speaker: Greg Markel, Founder and President, Infuse Creative

  • iPhone Apps are important – creating one can increase revenue
  • Another reason for “marketing message” in meta-tags: click for iPhone users to call immediately
  • Greg’s prediction: in the future, there’s going to be a lack of keyword optimization, and instead location specific and device specific
  • TRY APP: Urbanspoon; searching in Google causes the iTunes store to open w/ app → get google to index apps!!
  • Set up YouTube channel → automatically makes site iPhone friendly by video default in interim before making site completely iPhone friendly

Speaker: Alex Muller, CEO, Slifter

  • Slifter – local shopper app
  • Create an iPhone app – what can you create for an entire app where you can actually HELP users??
  • Loopt app – social network to find friends in the area → drive sales/advertising to specific location

Q & A

  • New Nokia – going to run flash w/ “better” 3G
  • Better browsers for mobile devices are coming
  • SMS marketing converts better than any other mobile marketing – gather phone numbers w/ email addresses!
  • Apps that go across all platforms – forward thinking
  • Marketing apps: cannot marketing directly for iTunes URL, so use paid search for app description
NOTE: These notes are the major points of the presentations, and do not include every point the presenter made.

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