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How to Create a Company Page on LinkedIn

Friday, October 29th, 2010

This summer, LinkedIn started offering the ability to create company pages – not entirely unlike Facebook Pages. Per usual LinkedIn style, it’s not necessarily intuitive how to create or manage a page.

How to create a company page

Start by checking if someone created a company page for you. I’ve found that the number of duplicates of company pages on LinkedIn – and on Facebook, too, for that matter – is a little ridiculous. So, start by checking to see if your company already has a page! Simply change the search parameters (in the upper right of the page) to “Company”, then search for your company.

[Like Facebook, there's no easy way to search for companies. In fact, this is how LinkedIn suggests you find companies.]

It’s as easy as that! If your company exists already? Click on the page and make sure you have access to it. We’ll get into how to edit in a second.

If your page doesn’t exist? Start by going here. Fill out every detail you can – the more, the merrier.

How to edit the page

Start by clicking “Edit” on the top right-hand corner of the page.

Currently, there’s not a lot you can add to your company profile page other than some basic information. Also, there’s no way to update your “status” unless you count the blog feed or Twitter status updates. I’m guessing both of these will eventually be updated.

Why is a company page so great?

Even though you can’t do a lot with company pages currently, they’re great for taking over the first page on Google. Our company page is the 8th result:

Nicki Hicks
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