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What Do I Need To Be Doing with Pinterest? 10 Pinterest Articles worth a read!

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinerest. You can’t be on Facebook, Twitter or pretty much anywhere else on the web these days without hearing about Pinterest. And, with good reason, Pinterest is blowing up! Folks are realizing the power behind the platform and just how useful it is for business.

Sure there are plenty of folks that are using it for just pure fun and enjoyment, but businesses are actually benefitting from this. Check out these 10 posts below that are super informative about Pinterest, how to use it for business and some of the facts about this awesome tool.

1. Amy Porterfield’s post: The 10 Commandments of Using Pinterest for Business Awesome tips!

2. TechCrunch’s post: This is everything you need to know about Pinterest This infographic is a great snapshot of “everything you need to know.”

3.  10 Ways to Use Pinterest to Reach Prospects via Fuel Lines. You’ll find tips on how to highlight your company’s testimonials, give agency tours and more.

4. For the measurement geek in you… Making Sense of Key Pinterest Metrics and Analytics Tools

5. Want some examples and case studies? Here you go… 5 Interesting Pinterest Marketing Campaigns. via Mashable.

6. Looking for some tools to “Supercharge” your experience? Check out 7 Useful Pinterest Tools to Supercharge Your Pinfluence.

7. Studies Say – Pinterest Now Generates More Referral Traffic Than Twitter

8. 26! Count them…26 Tips for Using Pinterest for Business! via Social Media Examiner.

9. Wondering who’s on Pinterest? Apparently the ladies according to this TechCrunch Article, Where the Ladies At? Pinterest. 2 Million Daily Facebook Users, 97% of Fans are Women.

10. And, last but not least…’s “5 Steps to Improve your Pinterest Profile in Five Minutes.

If you are looking for more info on how to use Pinterest for Business attend flyte school on 7/17 here in Portland at the Portland Public Library. What better way to spend your lunch break than learning all about Pinterest for Business?

How are you using Pinterest? ANy Tips? Share them with us here in the comments section!


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