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How to Make Time to Blog: 5 Ways to Ensure You Write Blogposts

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

This has been a banner year. Flyte’s been busier than ever, and it’s been great. But that comes at a price…I haven’t had as much time to blog as I’d like.

According to Rich, it’s BS when you say you don’t have time to blog. He takes a business owner’s standpoint on the subject: you’re investing in your business every time you write a new post. Sounds a little more worthwhile after hearing that, huh?

But from a logistical standpoint, though, sometimes you just don’t have the time. Never fear, there are ways around that.

1. Take advantage of a creative moment

I know and love these moments – those moments that tend to happen at the most inopportune times (you know…in the middle of the night, in the middle of a conference call, in the middle of breakfast…).

Here’s the thing: take advantage of those moments by at least getting your ideas down on paper, or recording on your phone. (If you have the time, write a quick draft.) You’ll be happy you did.

2. Take the easy way out

Sometimes, it’s OK to write an easy blogpost to get something out there. As long as you don’t lean on these type of posts as a crutch every time you write, you’re in the clear. Here are some ideas:

  • Find a Wall Street Journal article, copy and paste part of it, then write your .02.
  • Update an old blogpost you did.
  • Do a top 10 link list of interesting posts in your niche.
  • Write a Dear Abby letter to yourself and answer it.
  • Create a list of your favorite Tweeps in your niche or region.
  • Take a photo or video you found online, embed it, and write a few sentences about it. (Better yet, take your own photo or video.)

3. Two (or three or four…) heads are better than one

Lean on your coworkers, staff, family, and friends for post ideas. Ask staff and coworkers what kinds of questions they’ve been getting from customers lately. Ask friends and family how your business relates to them and what they’d like to learn about it.

4. Relate it…somehow, anyhow

For many, business isn’t personal. Though to others, it is. I’m the latter. So take an interesting story that happened to you over the weekend and use it for an analogy – or even just a fun post.

5. Allow guest blogging

What better way to save time blogging than to have someone else write for you? Accept guest blogposts from the community, or even better: from your coworkers and staff.

When it comes right down to it, it’s about doing what works for you. What ways do you manage your time to write blogposts?

Nicki Hicks
Time Manager

5 Time Management Tips for Blogging and Social Media

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Who doesn’t want more hours in the day? We all do.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the secret that will add minutes to your day; but I do have some that will help you use your time more wisely.


  1. Have go-to blogpost ideas ready for a rainy day. Try some of these easy tips to get started.
  2. Repurpose your content by guest blogging or article marketing. Take an existing blogpost you already have and put a different spin on it, or elaborate on a certain point.

Social Media

  1. Use services to send out mass status messages to all of your social media profiles. My favorite is
  2. Spend your time where your audience is at. If they’re on Twitter, be on Twitter. If they’re on LinkedIn, make sure you’re answering questions on LinkedIn. If your audience isn’t in a particular social space – and you’re pressed for time – I would argue it’s not worth being there.
  3. Use Networked Blogs for Facebook, and skip having to worry about posting every blogpost to your fan page. Use a service like Twitterfeed to have blogposts auto-tweeted.

What about you? What are your tips for saving time blogging/social media success?

Nicki Hicks
Let’s work smarter, not harder

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Online Time Management: Scheduling Time for Social Media

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

How often should I blog? How often do I tweet? How often should I update my Facebook status?

These are among the most common questions I get. For most, I answer an indefinite, “however often feels right” or “however often you have something meaningful to say“.

For most business owners, this answer is not concrete enough. So, here’s an example of how you could manage your social media time:

Every day…

  • Digg something of someone else’s
  • Bookmark something on Delicious.
  • StumbleUpon something of somone else’s
  • Twitter
    • Add something of value
    • ReTweet someone
    • Engage with someone
    • Promote something of your own
    • Follow someone new
  • Facebook
    • Add something of value
    • Comment on something (friend’s/business’s status, photo, etc.)
    • “Like” something

Every few days…

  • Write a blogpost (and ping it)
  • Update your LinkedIn status
  • Add photos to Flickr
  • Comment on a blogpost
  • Facebook
    • Friend someone new
    • Update your business status
    • Promote something of your own

Every week…

  • Check your Google Analytics
  • Digg something of your own (and ask others to digg it)
  • StumbleUpon something of your own (and ask others to give it a thumbs up)
  • Check in somewhere on Foursquare
  • Participate in a forum or LinkedIn thread
  • Do one “Please RT” on Twitter
  • Answer or ask a question on LinkedIn

Every two weeks…

  • Create a new YouTube video

This schedule won’t work for everyone and, as it’s generalized, certain social media channels might need to be tweaked.

Nicki Hicks
It’s all about Time Management

Learning from SMX West (Without Actually Having to Be There): Day 3 #smxwest

Friday, February 13th, 2009

Thanks to Barry Schwartz and Keri Morgret from Search Engine Roundtable for taking the time to live blog many of the SMX West sessions!  Here are a few of my notes from Thursday, Day 3…

Ask the Link Builders

(Archived version on SE Roundtable)

  • How to stay whitehat when link building:
    - Stay away from things that go against SE guidelines; don’t be obvious
    - Follow Matt Cutts’ blog and only do things he would suggest
    - Have great content
  • Personnel involved need to know the niche area, social network(s) in area, research fees involved, etc.
  • Good to have in-house link building – good, quality links take time to develop (difficult to have a bronze, silver, gold package for link building)
  • Stay away from people who guarantee a certain number of links
  • Link building = relationship building
  •,, – other directories besides the “dreaded” DMOZ
  • Niche directories are better
  • Panel’s favorite link building tools?
    - Aaron Wall’s suite of tools
    - Linkdomain operator at Yahoo
  • Link building forums:
    - Webmaster World
    - Aaron Wall – private forum
    - Digital Point

Ask the SEOs

(Archived version from SE Roundtable)
(Ask the SEOs from SMX East)

  • If reDEVELOPING, submit your old URLs and spiders will see your 301 redirects
  • keywords in URLs aren’t THAT important – don’t consider renaming everything after the fact
  • Use dashes not underscores in URLs
  • Title tags are about readability


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